Introduction to Caching in Flowstack

Caching is a powerful feature in Flowstack that significantly enhances performance by storing the response of requests for future use. When enabled, caching can reduce latency and improve the efficiency of repeated requests.

Enabling Caching

To enable caching for your API in Flowstack:

  1. Access the Dashboard : Log in to your Flowstack dashboard.
  2. Enable Caching : Navigate to the caching settings and toggle the caching feature to ‘Enabled’.

How Caching Works

  • Exact Request Body Match : Caching in Flowstack operates on the principle of an exact match of the request body. This means that a cached response is returned only if an incoming request exactly matches a previously made request in terms of the request body content.
  • Default Expiry Time : By default, the cached responses are stored for 30 days. This duration determines how long a response is kept in the cache before it is considered stale and is subsequently removed.